Slave Stories: Scenes From the Slave State

Slave Stories: Scenes from the Slave State

Have you seen the list of authors on this one? No really, look again. I am surprised that more people haven’t read this yet. I thoroughly enjoyed the way each author added to the ethos of the slave state. Much of this is pretty dark, but there are also some humorous and slightly whimsical ones as well. This anthology is a strong and varied. It has perked my interest in finishing all of Chris Kelso’s slave state books, and possibly rereading the two I have already read. Standouts below:

Blackout In Upper Moosejaw by Laura Lee Bahr

Aphanisis by John Langan

Shatter Demalion by Simon Marshall-Jones

Aftermath by Gary J. Shipley

Municipal Election 3B by Mick Clocherty

To Imagine Disaster is to Invoke the Same by Violet Levoit

The Act of Dying by Shane Swank

Gold, Myrrh and Frankenstein by Rhys Hughes

Dive Bar Prophecies by Ian Welke

Ruins (Poems) by Seb Doubinsky

From Within by Richard Thomas

Overall very few misses, many hits. Recommended. 4 stars

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