Ash Cinema Ok, so I really want to describe how good this book is, how much it moved me. I am certain to fail miserably, but here it goes. A tryptic is used to beautifully convey stories of love and loss that really strike a chord. Very dreamy and intense, it will speak so loudly to anyone who has felt that otherworldly, once in a lifetime kind of love. A long gone movement in avant-garde cinema and art connect the three stories with connections between many of its’ important figures. Writing is a tool used in the present to “recreate the past and bring it back to life.”
The quality of the writing, the prose and the pacing were all stellar. I was amazed that it never faltered nor went overboard with the emotional intensity being what it was. In short, I will be haunted by the memory of this one for a while, much like the characters in the book are in their own way.

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