I know that it is early to make such statements, but this may end up being my favorite book for this year. What stands out is the way it is written. The prose was simply awe-inspiring and made the book a moving experience that I was immersed in from beginning to end.
A couple loses an infant son. From there, they become more distant as time goes by. We follow both of them as they plunge into madness, with a focus on the man. Some very odd things occur for both of them, to put it very simply. I do not really want to give much else away. There are some seriously creepy undertones here that are so strong, and again, the prose makes them even more so.
Near the end there is a “Letter to the Editor” from the man, which explains his feelings on love, tying much of the book together in a profound way. This was a high point both in the book, and for me personally in a lifetime of reading. This one will haunt me for a while and I will definitely be re-reading it at some point. If you enjoy bold, fearless writing in what you read, check this one out.



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