Cattle Cult! Kill! Kill!

Emma Alice Johnson | Author And Zinester | Bizarro, Horror And Science Fiction | LGBTQ

Holy shit! I have three books out now! Isn’t that nuts? Cattle Cult! Kill! Kill! was just released by StrangeHouse Books. Check out the cover art by William Broad:

Cattle Cult! Kill! Kill!Does that look crazy or what? You like crazy, don’t you? You can grab a copy on Amazon right now!

This book was actually more than a decade in the making. I began it one winter after getting into a rough car accident on Highway 29 in Wisconsin. It wasn’t the worst accident in the world, but my car was wrecked on a cold and desolate stretch of the highway. The experience got me wondering about some things, and I initially put those thoughts into a short story. That short story eventually grew to book length.

This is a bit of a departure from my previous books, which were more comedic. This one isn’t particularly funny. It’s much more mean-spirited. It…

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