Bizarro 101

review So, this is Wol-vriey’s first published flash collection. It deserves its’ title, as the real strength lies in the representation of so many aspects of bizarro writing. Some pieces closely resemble horror, some much more absurd, others are like random spurts of violence, there were even a few that read like legends passed down within primitive cultures. There was a nice balance to the book as a whole that kept it moving. Flash fiction to me, is always a bit difficult to evaluate, but I have briefly summed up what to me, are the best of the 37 stories below.

The Original – A great twist on the idea of what it may take to actually have an original idea as an artist these days, if it can even be done. Selling your soul to the devil? What does that really entail? There is some great humor poking fun at authors.

Penisthumb – Worshipping your own severed body part as a God? This is only the beginning of what is to follow. There are so many quirky twists in such a small space. Very funny and odd…did I mention odd?

Love And Lust In Brazil – You are at a restaurant and Carmelita tells you to drink. You drink Carmelita’s beauty from a glass (eyes, nose, ears, blood). It goes straight to your head and takes over your emotions, you are powerless. She is now faceless, but possesses the utmost beauty to you. You tell her you love her. You believe it with every part of your being…a shattered glass breaks the spell. Your desire is now focused on another woman in the restaurant. How will Carmelita’s jealousy now manifest itself? I will just say that this one blew my mind, certainly one where the author’s imagination really shined in its’ weirdness.

Ears Are For Hearing – A legend of a snake and its’ effect on three generations of a family. This would be a great campfire story.

Ahmed Apple Attacks America – A story of a terrorist apple done exclusively with words that start with the letter “A”. There are some passages in this one that nearly had me falling out of my seat.

Day At The Racists – A laugh your ass off tale of race horses and how they have grown to become blatant racists.

Good Medicine – Gender based hatred inverted by an otherworldly life form. Profound, yet funny.

Liquid Husband – The use of the “I” adds a mystique to this surreal piece that I really enjoyed. Maria is one creepy ass bitch.

Venice – A very interesting string of recurring events for Jenny as she continuously cycles through death and subsequent reincarnation. Will she learn to cheat death or simply give up and accept it?

2012 The Alien Egg – A universe inside a soft shell. Tiny alien life forms emerge and attempt to give you a lesson in politics on earth. What do you do?

Retro Race Relations Rumble – A clever take on race relations, with aliens used to really mix it up. Well written and thought provoking.

As a whole, I was fully entertained while reading. As always, Wol-vriey delves into some potentially offensive subjects at times, whether they are related to race, gender or politics. However, within the context of the authors’ work, all of this simply becomes part of the world you are taken into. I think that this book would be a good place to start for those who are curious about bizarro, and a lot of fun for those who are not so new to it.



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