Basal Ganglia

This was a fascinating read for me. It is a love story, but that really gives no indication of what really lies within. It is not the story per se, but how that story is told that really stood out to me.

As a young couple in love, Rollo and Ingrid do not fit in with the rest. Feeling ostracized, they make the decision to build an underground fort all their own, isolated from the rest of the world. Years later, the story begins as they have drifted from each other, rarely speaking and only focused on fort related tasks.

Here are a few examples of the language used to convey the story:
“The knowledge he has to let go is much worse than the moment it happens. We invent attachments that feed on past loss. Silent fear finds its voice in objects we keep, reaching a volume we cannot ignore when goodbye arrives.”

“He is not permitted to respond in the manner he would like. A thought passes through many filters before it emerges as something communicated. Each filter works to remove venom. Spite. Responsibility. Rollo’s filters remove so much there is nothing left to communicate. “I am fine. Just Hungry. When do we start?””

Though the writing is very descriptive and deep in it’s perceptions of what is going on, it still maintains a transparency. The way the characters, their situation, and their behaviors are analyzed is something beyond comparison. Revert connects all of these things brilliantly to abstract and real world concepts in a way I have not seen before. I found myself perceiving and interpreting my reality differently while reading, and will continue to do so because of this book.



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